James Marshall Owen | Web Portfolio

I've been working in the creative web industry for over a decade. Here I'll display a few examples of my work. This is by no means a comprehensive or complete portfolio, and is perpetually "under construction". Please contact me directly for some recent examples of work that are more recent or for whatever reason cannot be displayed here!

I have built and maintained websites and online presences for a wide range of local and national clients. I worked for several years as the lead developer at a local Austin-based firm, and I co-founded Cucumber Nebula, a notable blog on internet marketing, development, PR/outreach and more.

My expertise is rooted in front-end development, and I have a very strong understanding of responsive design, CSS3/HTML5, SEO best practices, modern typography and layout, custom PHP and Javascript, and user experience design. I'm also passionate about cross-browser and cross-device compatibility, and practice mobile-first and progressive enhancement whenever possible.

For more examples of recent design work, writing, or website projects not displayed here, please feel free to email me!