Capital Solutions Online

A financing organization for truckers with low credit, Capital Solutions Online presented a surprisingly interesting challenge.

Problem: the site had been built up over the course of several years from dozens of static HTML files for separate landing pages, all with varying designs and outmoded code, not to mention a moderately active blog running on a separate platform in a subfolder.

Solution: create a brand new, unified site representing the company’s services in a streamlined way, incorporate a simple modern design, remove most of the dozens of landing pages, implement new URL structure and redirects to retain the important information, blog posts, and SEO benefits built up over the years.

What I did:

  • Hybrid Core-based HTML5 WordPress theme
  • created new content-focused design, hand-coded pure CSS (minimal images)
  • designed new logo
  • imported and post-dated the entries from their old blog
  • fresh site architecture in WordPress
  • audited SEO, meta tags and content
  • comprehensive .htaccess redirects and sitemap